Win a share of $100,000

Create your Datawallet, invite your friends, and you could win a share of $100,000 cash!

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How to win

Create your Datawallet, install the Chrome Extension, then start earning points! Here’s how:

Get Verified

Add the required data to verifiy you’re a human, and earn bonus points!

Invite Your Friends

Earn bonus points every time your friends add data. So invite as many as you can!

Unlock Bonuses

Add all data sources to your Datawallet to unlock Gold Status and even more bonus points!

*Initial winners list and cash pool size are subject to final verification, estimated to be complete by April 22nd, 2019. Please read our Contest Rules.

The more that join in, the more you win!

Over 100,000 participants


Top 200 win


Top 20 win


Top earner wins


Over 50,000 participants


Top 125 win


Top 12 win


Top earner wins


Over 20,000 participants


Top 80 win


Top 8 win


Top earner wins


Over 10,000 participants


Top 65 win


Top 6 win


Top earner wins


Your data has value, and it belongs to you.

All of us create extremely valuable data, but we don’t own it. We don’t know how our data is stored (and not secured), how it's (mis)used, or how it's sold (without the creator getting a cent). We decided to fix these problems. We decided to give everyone their own Datawallet.

What's a Datawallet? It's an app that brings together all the data you create across the internet. It comes equipped with all the tools you need to automatically pull your data from the platforms currently profiting from it: Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, and more. Your Datawallet makes it easy to get transparency, mobility, and control of your data.


At your command, your Datawallet seamlessly pulls your data from the popular platforms currently exploiting your data.


Your data is safe and secure in your Datawallet. No data is ever sold or given to third parties without your express permission. Additionally, we’re developing a permissioning system to give you fine grained control of your Datawallet.


Soon your Datawallet will power the next generation Internet where YOU decide who to share your data with, and get real rewards for doing so.

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How we use your data

We develop products that help you source, store, and use your data. To do this, we use anonymized and aggregated data sourced from Datawallets. No personal identifiable information is ever used. Your data is never sold or given to third parties without your express permission and you can download or delete your data, at any time.